What is a lighting survey?

The goal of a lighting survey is to study the current lighting situation and identify the best plan of attack to improve according to the client’s goal. In most cases, our clients want to decrease costs while achieving more light. On average, an led retrofit from metal halide, fluorescent, or high-pressure sodium fixtures should decrease energy usage by up to 70%.

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Step 1: Financial Analysis

Before purchasing anything, our team will have to determine if upgrading your existing lighting system is worth the effort. We need to determine local energy costs (kWh) and how much you currently consume.

We also browse your local energy rebates to see if we can install fixtures that apply. Local utility companies usually offer rebates for businesses looking to switch to more energy-efficient lamps.

Step 2: Lighting Analysis

Our team will examine your existing lighting solution for areas of improvement and suggest a new lighting system. Data points we analyze include:

  1. Current watt usage for all lighting fixtures
  2. Current fixture lifetime
  3. Hours of operation
  4. Possible daylight harvesting
  5. Current light at the work level and what tasks are done in the area

The new led lighting system will improve on several points:

  1. Cut energy bills up to 70%
  2. Eliminate downtime from maintenance
  3. Improve visiblity of area and create a safer environment
  4. Improve property values

Our high-efficiency led retrofits are guaranteed to save you money. Our projects usually pays itself back from energy savings within 3 years.

Step 3: Photometric Plan & Installation

After we have an understanding of what led fixtures can be used at your site, our engineers will create a photometric plan to visually plan out the project. We will be able to visually see your job site in a 3D environment with lighting and check for correct illumination levels.

  • Parking lots
  • Parking lot buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Parks
  • Office buildings
  • and other commercial lots

Once we have your plan, we can handle the install for you as well!

photometric plan 5
photometric plan 4


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